About St. Francis School

St. Francis School, Palayur, is an English medium Co-educational school conducted by the Franciscan Fathers and Brothers who are members of the Third Order Regular (TOR) of St. Francis of Assisi, after whom the school is named. It is governed by the Franciscan Society which Is a Religious and Charitable Organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

Staffed by dedicated and highly qualified Fathers, Sisters and teachers, the TOR Franciscans run many schools in India and abroad, in which young people belonging to every creed, social class, community and linguistic group are educated through the medium of English and other regional languages. Therese institutions are the part of Catholic Church’s effort to share in the country’s educational understanding. This effort, while particularly responsible to the Christian Community, has always been at the service of the whole nations. Thus, in these institutions, recognized as Christian Minority Institutions, the primary purpose is to educate Christian Children, however, non-Christian children, also may be admitted. The religious beliefs of all the students are treated with respect.

Established on 5th June 2007, the school is situated in the midst of a large and resplendent campus. The ambience inside the campus is serene and salubrious which facilitates a proper environment for education and fruitful training of life. The institution has a holistic approach to education whereby the scholastic performance of the pupil is reinforced by Christian and Franciscan ideals of universal brotherhood, love, peace joy and kindness in which the school believes. Exemplary discipline, outstanding academic performance and excellence in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are the hall marks of every St. Francis student. It is manned by dedicated, competent and highly qualified Fathers, Sisters and teachers who create and foster the ethos for the all round growth of the students. St. Francis School arms every student with the strength of character that enables him/her to face the fiercely competitive society of today with ease and confidence.


Our Education Ministry is to spread the love of God in the hearts of all people, in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, by imparting the values of human dignity, brotherhood, equality and justice.


“For God and Country” is the motto of St. Francis School. To ingrain the values of Service before self; to inculcate the importance of duty to fellow beings before expecting rights had been the constant endeavour of the school. The Franciscan Society aims at the integral development of the whole person , enlightened leadership, social responsibility and commitment to the nation building. The school believes in the integral development of the whole person emphasizing on value and quality education with a view to prepare them to face the challenges of life. Special attention is given to ensure high standard of morality and discipline in the school. The students will be prepared to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi, which has been recognized by the government of India as one of the main All India School examining bodies.


St. Francis School staunchly believes in the integral development of the whole person firmly tooted in values with impeccable character. We leave no stones unturned to inculcate a sense of duty and responsibility based on the ideals of peace love, brotherhood, respect, and joy blending the wisdom of our past with the knowledge of the present for a glorious future in the service of God and Country.


Children’s dreams, interests and goals are as important as anyone else’s, and that includes the teacher. Co-designer with students, they always come up with innovative ways to improve group and individual learning processes. The student is enabled to learn, speak and write English and other languages in real world situations. The teacher is a coach, mentor and friend who is responsive to their personal needs and interests so the learning happens in a very natural and effective way.


The medium of Instruction is English but special emphasis is given to Malayalam, the mother tongue and Hindi, the national language together with history, Geography, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Training, Computer Application, Hindustani Music, Economics, Fine Arts, Martial Arts, Environmental Science, Moral Science etc.


One thing is for certain - life in St. Francis is never dull or boring! A variety of activities are offered which are designed to introduce students to collaborative learning, enhance study skills, and provide opportunities which build social and academic support networks. Extracurricular activities including teamwork, cultural events, sporting events, theatrical presentations and social activities make it a treasure trove of learning.


Boys: Sand colour/Blue/White shorts or full pants with fancy Check/ White/ Blue shirt, Black/White leather shoes with Sand colour/White socks and school belt.

Girls: Sand colour/Blue/White Pinafore/full pants with fancy Check/ White/ Blue shirt, Coat, Black/White leather shoes with Sand colour/White socks, school belt and Ribbon/Hair band.


The school owns and runs a fleet of buses on selected routes to assist the students who want to avail them.